Alta Precision's backlog/workload includes a high percentage of military aerospace work. The applications include aircraft simulator components, aircraft gearboxes, housings, miscellaneous engine parts, nose and main landing gear components (pistons, cylinders, collars, braces, axles and actuators) for varied aircraft.

The 'Alta' in our name evokes our origins in the aerospace industry, as well as our commitment to high standards in everything we do. Whatever you need, we will handle it quickly and efficiently, with the highest possible "Precision".

From Alta Precision's beginnings in 1980, the founding partners focused on complex, precision components, primarily in the aerospace sector. By combining their unique manufacturing knowledge and skills, with the latest high quality CNC machine tools, Alta Precision built a solid reputation for successfully delivering the really tough jobs. Our clients include many of the most recognized names in the aerospace business, such as Heroux Devtek, Messier Dowty, the United States Air Force, Pratt & Whitney, and CAE.

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In 1991, Alta Precision moved into a new 25,000 sq ft building. In 1999 we expanded the same building to 40,000 sq ft and significantly invested in capital equipment. These investments allowed us to better position ourselves to handle larger, more complex components.

Alta Precision recognizes that the marketplace and its client requirements are constantly evolving. The status quo is no longer enough to stay in the race. Alta Precision is committed to acquiring and upgrading machinery and investing in Research and Development (R&D) in order to meet these new challenges.

At ALTA PRECISION, we go to great lengths to offer Fully Integrated Services. This translates to respecting and satisfying our clients’ requirements, a reliable on-time delivery, custom tailored service and competitive prices.

All components go through rigorous quality testing and are shipped ready-to-install to save you time and money.